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Designing and space planning


San Francisco, CA, USA


Dilip sahu




Private House

Space Planning involves outlining a space to understand the space available, and the furniture to go along with it. The reason Space Planning goes together with Design, is to ensure the place doesn’t just look aesthetic, but makes full use of the space available in a functional manner.

When it comes to design & space planning, we are constantly evolving to provide you with the best solutions. We work hand-in-hand with you to understand the objective of your space, and plan the design & space accordingly. We understand that interiors are not just about look, but also how well the space has been utilized. To get the best out of any space – we dive deep into your lifestyle, living style and more to bring out the best of your space.

Our team of experts work closely with you, to ensure your premises are correctly fitted, with detailed interior design plans to give you a robust view, including wall colors, furnishing style, the different finishes, furniture, accessories and more. We believe in simplicity & proportion, and bring forth very practical & do-able solutions.

Our team of experts help you maximize your space, in the most ethical manner and within your budget requirements – along with looking amazing & being super functional!

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